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HNI Vella Sofa/Chair

HNI Vella Sofa
HNI Vella Sofa comfort and the quality of interior furniture without losing it’s original qualities. Vella Sofa is a modulate system with an elementary prismatic geometry that bases its singularity in the balance of its proportions. The elements can combine among themselves to integrate into any space. Their precise volumes create the illusion of hovering some centimetres off the floor, and when they are illuminated they are transformed into floating architectures.

HNI Vella Chairs
HNI Vella Chairs developed to enable the user to keep the usual level of activity and independence at home place – despite the user’s disability. A unique central brake ensures that the user has a stable work place, which means, that working in the kitchen with knives or boiling water is safe. Four smoothly running and direction-stable wheels make the chair easy to ‘walk.