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HNI Solitaire Sofa/Chairs

HNI Solitaire Sofa
The lounge seating of the HNI Solitaire Collection is marked by its simplicity. Deep upholstery suggests comfort and security, while the base evokes the setting for a jewel. Elegant yet versatile, the pieces coexist in many environments, with complementing tables and ottomans from the HNI Solitaire Collection or other modern or classic pieces.

HNI Solitaire Chairs
HNI Solitaire Chairs rich striking colours, quilted stitches and patterns, this splendid piece is made for those who understand aristocracy. This beautifully crafted piece makes not just for a great conversation but also plays a conversation starter. Ergonomic in nature with a mix of contemporary and classic designs, the Argus living truly is one of a kind.