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HNI Quella Sofa/Chairs

HNI Quella Sofa
Keep Upholstered Furniture Away From Direct Sunlight And Keep It Away From Sharp Objects To Prevent Wear And Tear Always Lift Your Sofa, Do Not Drag As You May Break Them Or Scratch The Legs. Don't Sit On The Arms Or The Back Of The Sofa As You Might Break The Frame Of The Sofa Attend The Spills And Stains Immediatly Vacumn Sofas Periodically With A Soft Bristled Brush Attahcment Or Lightly Brush Them To Keep General Dirt And Dust Off The Sofa And Prevent Any Embedding Between The Fibers

HNI Quella Chair
HNI Quella is a stylish and practical canteen table and chair set for four people. Comes standard with a stainless steel table top, made of composite anti bacterial materials and a laminated plywood benches. It's frame is made to be placed in the middle of the room, so you can easily access the bench from both sides. It's legs are specially designed, allowing permanent installation to the floor if needed.