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HNI Fluence Chairs

HNI Fluence Chairs The new shape of happiness With its broader back, adjustable lumbar support and a contoured seat, the Fluence offers extraordinary comfort. It's contoured outer frame gives a close body-hugging fit that is suitable for dynamic seating; a must for workplace health and happiness. The new shape of happiness is not just skin deep.

Ergonomically resolved by design
Anthropometric data is proof enough to know that seating needs to be designed specifically for the region. India has long awaited a new standard in seating comfort. After a great deal of in-house research and collaboration with our international team, we have come up with an ideal solution that’s elegant, cost effective and can be accessorized and personalized beautifully

Extra wide comfort
Active seating needs a broad support. Now play comfortably in any work posture, we got it covered.

Lower back yoga
The adjustable PU foam support is firm enough for the right push. At the same time soft enough for allowing movement. The lumbar can be pushed to the bottom to switch off/disconnect the support

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